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Tana has worked EXCLUSIVELY with Amazon for nearly 20 years.

Our consultants have the experience and the inside relationships to maximize your Amazon success. We will guide you through the steps to grow your brand, increase your sales, and give you the keys to achieve limitless growth. Our consultants are savvy enough to help you manage operations, streamline logistics, set up products, enhance content, plan promotions, amplify SEO, and sharpen advertising.

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Tana is a team of former Amazonians turned expert consultants. We know how to establish accounts, grow sales, and build vendor brands the “Amazon Way.” We will help your business make more money.

We have been working EXCLUSIVELY with Amazon for nearly 20 years and know how to build and maintain sustainable and successful businesses. From communication management to effective problem solving, we do more than get things done – we get them done the right way – the “Amazon Way.”

We help you overcome the challenges of the Amazon platform and quickly maximize sales and brand growth. You will benefit from our experience, knowledge, and one-stop solution.

Our experts know how to ask the right questions to fully understand your current situation as well as your future goals. Then we use our years of experience and proprietary strategies to move the required information through the Amazon system and optimize you for success.

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Sheik S

“It is great working with Tana. There is so much that they can do for you. They are great collaborators across the entire team, one day we are working on variations, the next AMS strategy and DSP, the next flow of goods and category specific plans!

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