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Why You Need to Create A+ Detail Pages for Your Products

With so many vendors and third-party sellers on Amazon, it can be difficult to set your product pages apart from the competition. A+ detail pages help you do just that. Making the most of these powerful tools is simple if you follow a few guidelines.

Provide More Meaningful Information

Creating A+ detail pages give you the opportunity to provide more meaningful information about your products to your customers. Amazon A+ detail pages go beyond the standard product page and allow you to provide detailed descriptions of the products you sell. This is especially helpful if you sell products with many features, such as electronics or small appliances.
All product pages provide customers with a list of bullet points and a short product description. A+ detail pages allow you to provide in-depth information about your product, including longer, detailed descriptions of important features, product specifications, and more images. Armed with this information, customers are able to make an informed buying decision.

A+ Detail Pages Help with SEO, too

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important factor when creating any product page. You want to make sure you’re including keywords and search terms your potential customers may use. A+ detail pages allow you to include many more of these words than a standard product page does. This increases the likelihood that your product pages will appear in customer search results.

Crafting an “A+” A+ Detail Page

The key to crafting a great A+ detail page is to put yourself in the minds of your customers. What features would be important to them? What information would they need or like to know about your product before they purchase it?
On your A+ detail pages, you may choose to include a short description of each of the major features of your product. You may also include a bulleted list of your product’s technical specifications. If your product is one of several in a product line, it may be helpful to compare your product to others in the line.

As you write, be sure to use plenty of the word “you.” That way, your product descriptions stay customer-focused. Use clear, conversational language that is easy to read and understand. Don’t forget to use the product’s official name in your descriptions. Of course, be sure that your descriptions are free of grammatical errors.
A+ detail pages also give you an opportunity to include more product images. Consider adding images of your product from various angles and in various settings. For example, if you sell coffeemakers, include images of it sitting on a kitchen counter. Make sure users can click on the images to enlarge them.

A+ detail pages help your products stand out from competitors. They provide valuable information to customers to make their buying decision easier. To get started on A+ detail pages for your products, contact your TANA account manager today.

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