What is Amazon Attribution?

With over 60% of consumers beginning their shopping journey on Amazon, it’s no secret how powerful digital advertising is for driving traffic on-site. But how can companies reach and quantify sales that are coming to Amazon from off-site traffic? The answer is Amazon Attribution: a powerful tool that allows companies to measure, optimize, and plan their cross-channel media strategies with the use of generated source tags.

Amazon Attribution gives companies deeper insights than typical campaign engagement and conversion metrics. This program provides shopping and sales impact analysis across off-site search, social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), display, video, and email marketing. Once your source tags are implemented, this tool will help boost your return on investment by measuring the impact your cross-channel media strategy has on the consumer buying process. With this new comprehensive view, you can finally analyze how each of your off-site marketing tactics contribute to visibility and conversions on-site.

Determining the events that drive performance will not only help companies optimize overall strategy, but also unveil where you should allocate internal company resources — saving time & money, and helping to guide the future planning process. By learning which media strategy serves best growth for your business, Tana can help determine recommendations for how to improve brand reach and sales impact. Optimizing your tactics will play a crucial role in determining long-term company success. 

In business, time is of the essence. This program holds the unique ability to optimize in real-time with on-demand conversion reporting. Pull reports directly from the console at your own convenience, or work with your Tana representative to schedule custom reporting to meet your company needs.  

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