Tips & Strategies for Working From Home

[Q] What are a few strategies I can implement to help now that I’m working remote?



  1. Dedicated space: Establish a place in your home that is dedicated to work. This may mean removing distractions such as TV or games. Now that you are saving on commute costs, invest in comfortable office furniture. 
  2. Structured time: Use a calendar to schedule “office time” to ensure you have time to reflect and plan out conversations and next steps. 


[Q] I miss the interactions in the workplace. What are some things I can do to connect with my peers?



  1. Make time to connect: Absent now are the coffee breaks, lunches, and parking lot chats to keep everyone connected. Take time in every meeting to connect with each other before getting down to business.
  2. Reach out and talk: While it can be tempting to communicate entirely via text, some conversations are better done live. Don’t try to resolve disagreements over text; talk it out over video. 


[Q] Now that everyone is working remote, should the structure of our meetings change?



  1. Keep it regular: With random encounters gone, it’s important to keep sacred frequent 1:1’s with your peers and your team. 
  2. Agenda for two: Create a shared document for both of you to add notes to help each other prepare ahead of time. 
  3. Leave room for more: While some structure is good, remember to also use this time to get to know each other. Ask about life outside of work. Be inquisitive about each other as human beings.