The Definitive Amazon Brand Store Primer

Over the last few years, Amazon Brand Stores have become a more central feature of doing business on Amazon. The brand store essentially carves out a space within Amazon for us to present your brand in a more creative way, curate & organize your product selection for interested customers, and feature bestsellers, deals, accessories, product information, and so on. It’s like getting your own mini-website within Amazon where customers can not only shop, but learn more about your brand and product line.

Brand stores are created in the Amazon Advertising portal, but customers will primarily find the finished store by clicking your brand name link on a product detail page, or through a unique URL in the format of The store is not a completely freeform and customizable design; each store page is constructed in a store-builder tool using multiple pre-made mini-templates, most of which can be customized further to fit your needs. So while we can’t exactly design the whole thing from scratch like our own websites, we can still create a great customer experience using the tools Amazon provides.

Some more quick hits on brand stores:

  • You must be a registered brand owner via Brand Registry before you can create a brand store
  • If you have more than one brand on Amazon, you can either create unique stores for each brand, or you can design a single “umbrella” store that showcases all your brands in separate sections/pages
  • You CAN utilize your own brand aesthetic, colors, logo, lifestyle images, infographics, video, etc. within a brand store, as long as there is a design module that will accommodate what you want to do
  • You CAN’T reference or link to external URLs that would direct the customer away from Amazon, make unverifiable claims, or use certain calls to action and other verbiage that Amazon deems unfit such as Eco-Friendly, 100%, Guarantee, and Warranty
  • You aren’t able to link to your brand store from an A+ detail page, but you are able to use your store as a landing page for self-service Amazon Advertising campaigns
  • Without a brand store, your brand link will just show customers a simple set of search results for all products using that brand name
  • Amazon brand stores are FREE!