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We’ll make it easy to manage and grow your business on Amazon.

TANA Sales and Marketing provides its vendors with monthly status reporting, business analytics, and forecasting to give you a clear picture of where your business is and where it’s going. We’ll work with you to prevent chargeback issues and mitigate them if they do occur. Using the Vendor Central web portal we can teach you how managing your business can be made easier.

Keep your business on track with TANA Sales and Marketing’s careful and ongoing oversight. Contact us to start today.


SEO is the back bone of all e-commerce.  Without the right terms in the right places, your items will never be found.  Let the experts help you maximize your exposure.  From understanding the specific algorithms to knowing where to find the answers, Tana can help.


“Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a great way to drive sales at through fast, simple, effective advertising solutions.  Discoverability of your products at Amazon can sometimes be frustrating, but with AMS your able to bid on keywords to get your products search-ability rankings up.  Have your products served to customers by bidding on relevant keywords through a cost-per-click format which is an affordable way to raise product visibility.  You only pay .01 cent over the next competitive bid when shoppers click your ad.  AMS will effectively surface your products for your customers and people simply looking for like items.  It’s easy to get started with AMS and only $100 to start your first campaign. Reporting has easy to use metrics to optimize performance and new tools and features become available frequently.

We at Tana Sales and Marketing use AMS because it allows us to simply and quickly drive brand awareness and demand for the products we feature. It has a relatively low spend rate and on-going optimization through the tools and resources available to capture the greatest return. Targeted keywords get traffic to the product, an effective detail page gets conversion, and that ultimately increases search relevance and product seller ranking. It’s a virtuous cycle that we at Tana Sales and Marketing will continue to utilize for the brands we represent.”


Tana takes into account the specifics of your product category; whether it is NFL branded hats or Holiday crafts.  We work with you to put together a marketing program that works.

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No matter what you sell – TANA Sales will help take your product sales to the next level.

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