Massive Changes in Advertising During Pandemic

Amidst a COVID-19 pandemic that has caused widespread layoffs and furloughs, inventory supply issues, and also surprising surges in sales, Amazon has been announcing robust plans on their Day One blog to help alleviate some of the pains caused by the virus. Among those plans are groundbreaking updates to Amazon Advertising that are completely changing the way that we sellers promote our products.

Perhaps the most important update to Sponsored Brands came just recently in April when Amazon implemented the ability to edit creative on existing Sponsored Brands ads. The ability to edit the creative on live ads is entirely novel to the Amazon Advertiser; since the beginning of Sponsored Brands, advertisers would have to create an entirely new ad if they wanted to change anything about it.

We advertisers are extremely grateful for the timing of this update because there are countless Sponsored Brands ads that would have been terminated and recreated otherwise. While we’re very excited to see this update rolled out at such an opportune time, the innovation has not stopped there during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In March, Amazon announced a new and improved Sponsored Brands ad experience on mobile, which would feature larger and more attractive ads on the mobile

interface. The idea behind this redesign seems to be garnering higher clickthrough rate, as Amazon found these new larger ads to boost clickthrough by 13%. This update is great news for both customer and advertiser, as it should improve both the shopping experience and the advertising flywheel effect by generating more traffic to advertised products.

Along with major Sponsored Brands updates, Senior Product Marketing Manager Nina Brentlinger announced that new Sponsored Display capabilities have been released to sellers. audience retargeting, sellers can also target products or categories to advertise a selected product against. This feature has been accessible in beta for quite some time, but has not been an official part of Seller Central until this past April 2nd. Display ad spend has traditionally been a small percentage of most campaigns, however with Sponsored Display seeing regular improvements, advertisers may be enticed to shift budget towards higher converting display advertising. 

While many of us continue to work from home, there has been no slowdown for new Advertising improvements, including new DSP improvements in April that extended online inventory reporting, added viewability targeting for mobile, and new third party pre-bid targeting capabilities. These new software allow advertisers to achieve even more efficient results using the Amazon DSP console.

Amazon remains productive despite the constraints in place, and they’ve helped both customers and advertisers immensely at key moments since the beginning of the outbreak. TANA Sales continues to partner with Amazon to drive maximum efficiency during these unprecedented and uncertain times.