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Future of Shopping: Amazon’s Live Stream Boom

Amazon is trying out a new program for its consumers that might totally innovate the way we shop. The largest B2C company in the world has been experimenting with “live e-commerce”, In layman’s terms, social media influencer marketing on Amazon. 

The aim of Amazon Live is to offer a more personalized and familiar shopping incentive to the tech-savvy generation. Live e-commerce can now happen in real-time and provide a robust, interactive shopping experience to the customer. Brands will also enjoy the new sales medium, as valuable partnerships can take place on a platform with the highest concentration of lower funnel customers on the internet. 

Amazon is not the only one taking a dig at live e-commerce. Facebook tried testing a similar program recently, and droves of influencers are having success on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Fashion and cosmetic products have been the primary beneficiaries of the new way to sell, however the potential seems unlimited, as seen by the recent viral livestream success of products like themed goblets, pet products, and interior decorations!

Yet, surprisingly the USA as a country still lags behind China, where more than 100 million viewers watch at least one live video event each month (partly due to the Chinese government itself encouraging the use of innovative e-commerce techniques to help shake off poverty). If Amazon wants to repeat China’s success, it will need an ecosystem that is more interested in live e-commerce, a trend that has potential and may be on the rise to commonplace popularity, as it already is in other parts of the world.


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