Direct Import Amazon

Direct Import Offers

Establishing a Direct Import (DI) relationship with Amazon used to require engagement with a Vendor Manager; however, with a continued push for more automation, Amazon is now offering a self-service DI tool available to select vendors. The new Direct Import Offers tool in Vendor Central enables vendors to enroll items for instant evaluation to determine if Amazon will take a DI relationship. The formula is based on item economics, forecast, and storage.

Here’s how it works:

  1.  Give Amazon your best offer: In addition to DI inputs such as cost, lead time, and minimum order quantity, Amazon also takes into consideration variables such as cost of import freight, import vs. domestic accruals/discounts, overall inventory risk, and historical demand.
  2. Receive Instant Evaluation: Assess where your products stand on the podium with a Gold, Silver, or Bronze rating. 

Gold — Most favorable offer against comparable items. Amazon is relatively confident to take an import position when the order is planned. However, factors such as overstocks and FC capacity constraints do not guarantee POs for Gold offers.

Silver — Less favorable offer, and will not always be considered when the order is being planned. Expectation of a mid-range rate of volume ordered to be through imports.

Bronze — Unfavorable, and the offer will likely never be considered when the order is being planned.

  1. Submit your offer for onboarding. While we have seen onboarding the very next day, this usually takes 2 business days. Check back on the Order Status tab to see the status of your offer. New offers will automatically flow into your cost form.
  2. Wait to receive POs. Amazon places orders every 4 weeks.

Gold — Current lead time is 4–8 weeks on average.

Silver — Current lead time is 12–16 weeks on average.

Standing at the top of the podium will give your products the best chance to receive purchase orders. However, do not count out Silver or even Bronze offers just yet. Work with your Amazon Advertising specialist to increase demand in efforts to push those offers to a Gold status.