Climate Pledge Friendly – An Amazon Revolution

 Amazon has officially announced its new Climate Pledge Friendly shopping page, a one-stop destination for all products that qualify as sustainable. In addition to partnering with third-party certifications, Amazon has created their own certification — Compact by Design — to help customers discover products that meet sustainability standards and help preserve the natural world.

The benefits of being featured on the page include Climate Friendly badging in shopping results and detail pages, inclusion in the Climate Pledge Friendly landing page, and a potential inclusion in other store merchandising opportunities (TBA).

Vendors can qualify for the program by getting certified by one or more of the qualifying third-party sustainability certifications, or by Amazon’s own Compact by Design certification. If you believe your product should qualify immediately for Climate Pledge Friendly, ensure your certification is validated and confirm that relevant product-level data is provided to Amazon by the certifier.

For third-party certifications, Vendors can visit the official certification page to see a full list of qualified certifications and links to their official websites, where you can find detailed requirements for qualification. For Amazon’s Compact by Design program, vendors can learn more about certification and qualification requirements by clicking visiting the Compact by Design webpage (links on sidebar).





Climate Pledge Friendly Shopping Page

Climate Pledge Friendly Certifications

Compact by Design