Amazon Reliable Carrier Pickup Strategy

Building a Reliable Carrier Pickup Strategy

With increased traffic on Amazon during the pandemic, being in stock on the platform is more important than ever. During the past few months, we have had multiple concerns from our clients that Amazon has been late on PO carrier pickups. This has caused multiple issues related to dock congestion and out-of-stocks on the Amazon website. Getting inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers in a timely manner has been increasingly difficult during the pandemic, especially with Collect vendors who are bound to a model where Amazon controls freight. Here are a few tips and tricks to help get items picked up in a timely manner.

Escalation Path for Vendors: 

  1. Have your operations team call the Amazon Transportation Hotline at 1-866-203-8372
  2. File a Contact Us within Vendor Central
    1. We suggest email for documentation (instead of requesting a call) since you will have already contacted the hotline
  3. Follow up on CASE and call hotline until resolved. (Support → Contact Us → Shipments → My Shipments hasn’t been picked up yet and I need help)

Setting Up Drop Trailers:

Per Amazon’s collect policies, Collect/We Pay vendors must consolidate all POs that share the same window within a single routing request. This will effectively help minimize the number of shipments that could result in an issue or missed pickup. For all vendors who have larger volume, we recommend following these steps from the North American Vendor Transportation Manual to work with a carrier to arrange a drop trailer to alleviate dock congestion.

You must initiate communication with the carrier to see if drop capacity can be offered.

  • The carrier will do an analysis of all business lines shipping out of your location to determine if enough consistent volume exists to support drop trailer capacity.
  • You may be required to sign the carriers Shipper Load and Count (SLC) agreement.
  • You may be required to follow the carrier’s PRO sticker guidelines in order to establish drop trailers.
  • Once drop trailer is initiated, you must load Amazon orders first.
  • You are responsible for notifying the carrier that the drop trailer is ready for pick up. The local terminal must be contacted by 10AM local time to schedule a driver for same day pick up. If the carrier is contacted later in the day, driver capacity is limited, and the load may roll to next day.
  • When scheduling a pickup for a drop trailer, the mandatory requirements are to provide trailer number, ARNs/FBA IDs, and pallet count or cube. If there are only a few pallets loaded, the carrier may wait until the vendor/seller has additional freight to load prior to pick up.
  • Upon pick up, have Bills of Lading (BOLs) ready to hand to driver