Brand Store Bylines

Historically, brand stores have never been integrated very well into Amazon’s site architecture. Stores are not automatically linked to via product detail pages, and even when that link does exist, it isn’t highlighted very clearly for the customer. That’s why the updated detail page byline announced at the end of May is such an exciting change to see happening.

The old byline was a blue hyperlink on the detail page, directly above or below the product title, simply noting the brand name. In this customer experience, there was no callout as to what that link was for, and for many customers it was therefore hard to find a brand store unless advertising was pointing them directly to one. Now with the new updated bylines, these hyperlinks will be specific about where they link to, saying “Visit the [Brand Name] Store”. We will still need to ensure we create our own curated brand stores, and that the byline link is connected to the store, but all in all our team is excited about this new customer experience and can't wait to measure the effect it could have on traffic to the stores. Brands should be able to look forward to having more customers discover the wonderful stores put together by our clients and the Tana content team.