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Article – Amazon Advertising Projected to Grow Exponentially in 2021

Tana Editorial Staff May 25, 2021

According to a new survey from Cowen Research, Amazon is set to become the leading market share gainer among all the major digital advertising businesses both this year and next year. Amazon’s advertising segment will continue to see new growth as more spending comes from television, search, and other platforms, and will be further bolstered by the strong return on ad spend that has become typical of the platform. Amazon’s ad business also appears to be less in danger of violating ongoing privacy issues that have been hotly debated, most notably Apple’s privacy changes for ad tracking on the iPhone.... continue reading

FAQ Section – Amazon Vendor Negotiations (AVN)

Tana Editorial Staff May 19, 2021

[Q] Has the client base started to see AVNs for the 2021 calendar year yet? [A] Yes, a few clients have seen hand-delivered AVNs from their Vendor Managers as early as Nov/Dec 2020, but the larger automated email AVN push has just started over the weekend of January 23–24.   [Q] Looking at other AVNs from clients, are there any new boxes to worry about? [A] With the increase in Amazon shipping costs, they have implemented a charge on LTL items which will pass down to the vendor as a $10 per unit fee. This is a monthly accrual setup... continue reading

Climate Pledge Friendly – An Amazon Revolution

Tana Editorial Staff May 2, 2021

 Amazon has officially announced its new Climate Pledge Friendly shopping page, a one-stop destination for all products that qualify as sustainable. In addition to partnering with third-party certifications, Amazon has created their own certification — Compact by Design — to help customers discover products that meet sustainability standards and help preserve the natural world. The benefits of being featured on the page include Climate Friendly badging in shopping results and detail pages, inclusion in the Climate Pledge Friendly landing page, and a potential inclusion in other store merchandising opportunities (TBA). Vendors can qualify for the program by getting certified by one or... continue reading

Amazon Sets Profitability Records

Tana Editorial Staff April 26, 2021

Amid an unprecedented surge of online shoppers as a result of the pandemic, Amazon has already had its most profitable year ever. According to their Q3 earnings report, Amazon reported profit of $6.3 billion, or $12.37 per share, which is nearly triple the $4.23 a share reported last year. The company reported revenue of $96.1 billion, which is up 38% year-over-year. Analysts were taken by surprise, as expected earnings of $7.41 a share were significantly exceeded.  In total, Amazon has already collected more profit in the first nine months of 2020 than it did in all of 2019, when they... continue reading

Tips & Strategies for Working From Home

Tana Editorial Staff April 19, 2021

[Q] What are a few strategies I can implement to help now that I'm working remote?   [A] Dedicated space: Establish a place in your home that is dedicated to work. This may mean removing distractions such as TV or games. Now that you are saving on commute costs, invest in comfortable office furniture.  Structured time: Use a calendar to schedule "office time" to ensure you have time to reflect and plan out conversations and next steps.    [Q] I miss the interactions in the workplace. What are some things I can do to connect with my peers?   [A] ... continue reading

Amazon Workers in Alabama Holding Union Vote

Tana Editorial Staff April 9, 2021

Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama will vote next month on whether to unionize — the largest and most viable organizing effort yet involving the technology giant. In the late summer of 2020, a group of employees from the Bessemer fulfillment center contacted an organizer in the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union, explaining that they were fed up with the way the retailer aggressively tracked productivity and asking to discuss unionization. The campaign has gained momentum since then, and by December 2020 over 2,000 employees had signed cards indicating that they were in favor of an election.  The National... continue reading

Amazon Sets Profitability Records

Tana Editorial Staff March 31, 2021

Amid an unprecedented surge of online shoppers as a result of the pandemic, Amazon has already had its most profitable year ever. According to their Q3 earnings report, Amazon reported profit of $6.3 billion, or $12.37 per share, which is nearly triple the $4.23 a share reported last year. The company reported revenue of $96.1 billion, which is up 38% year-over-year. Analysts were taken by surprise, as expected earnings of $7.41 a share were significantly exceeded.    In total, Amazon has already collected more profit in the first nine months of 2020 than it did in all of 2019, when... continue reading

Future of Shopping: Amazon’s Live Stream Boom

Tana Editorial Staff March 15, 2021

Amazon is trying out a new program for its consumers that might totally innovate the way we shop. The largest B2C company in the world has been experimenting with “live e-commerce”, In layman’s terms, social media influencer marketing on Amazon.  The aim of Amazon Live is to offer a more personalized and familiar shopping incentive to the tech-savvy generation. Live e-commerce can now happen in real-time and provide a robust, interactive shopping experience to the customer. Brands will also enjoy the new sales medium, as valuable partnerships can take place on a platform with the highest concentration of lower funnel... continue reading

3P Inventory Seller Central Restrictions – Article

Tana Editorial Staff March 10, 2021

Amazon is getting an early jump on planning for its Q4 holiday demand. With Prime Day anticipated to take place in October, the end of the year will be even busier than normal, effectively creating a 3 month holiday event.  To prepare for this shopping season, Amazon has announced new storage limits for merchants. With this change in strategy, Tana team members have been partnering with our clients to prepare them for updated guidelines and storage changes for this year's highly anticipated shopping season.    Amazon mentioned that it's preparing early this year to meet the increased customer demand expected... continue reading

Direct Import Offers

Tana Editorial Staff March 1, 2021

Establishing a Direct Import (DI) relationship with Amazon used to require engagement with a Vendor Manager; however, with a continued push for more automation, Amazon is now offering a self-service DI tool available to select vendors. The new Direct Import Offers tool in Vendor Central enables vendors to enroll items for instant evaluation to determine if Amazon will take a DI relationship. The formula is based on item economics, forecast, and storage. Here’s how it works:  Give Amazon your best offer: In addition to DI inputs such as cost, lead time, and minimum order quantity, Amazon also takes into consideration... continue reading

3 Major Amazon Advertising Trends During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tana Editorial Staff February 22, 2021

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that first exploded into the public consciousness in the U.S. around March 20th of this year has had both unfortunate and surprisingly beneficial consequences for Amazon sellers. Massive shipping delays and restrictions have put many sellers drastically behind budget, however stay-at-home shopping trends have led to increased sales and astounding Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) performance. Here are the three most fascinating Amazon Advertising trends we have identified since the start of the crisis: The overall volume of ad revenue and ad spend has increased (up to 52% and 26% respectively). This is underpinned by an increase in traffic... continue reading

Amazon Retail Unveils Prescription Medication at a Discount

Tana Editorial Staff February 17, 2021

On November 17th, Amazon announced its plan to launch a digital pharmacy on that that will deliver prescription medications to shoppers all over the United States. The move places the retail giant into direct competition with other major pharmaceutical marketplaces like CVS Health and Walgreens, and increases its competitive edge on Walmart.  The digital store, which will be called Amazon Pharmacy, will allow customers to compare the prices when shopping for medication on their desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Customers will also be able to decide whether they’d like to use their insurance co-pay or receive a deep discount... continue reading

The New Normal – Amazon During The Pandemic

Tana Editorial Staff February 11, 2021

As the economy weighs in on the impact of the pandemic, Amazon has started to fill an important role and conversation point with brands as customers adjust habits to comply with social distancing.  Throughout April and most of May, Amazon made unprecedented moves by removing deals and focusing on essential goods in its supply chain. Now as the retailer catches up from a demand surge tied to the outbreak, Amazon has started to lift restrictions on the amount of inventory that suppliers can send in. Programs like Born to Run (BTR), along with deals and coupons, have been enabled for... continue reading

Amazon’s Latest Double Play: Local Sports and News Podcasting

Tana Editorial Staff December 9, 2020

As Amazon’s value continues its upward trajectory, the multi-faceted tech giant now looks to strengthen its advertising repertoire by acquiring niche sports and news podcasting networks like Blue Wire — home to the Laker Film Room, Bronx Pinstripes, and various other sports podcasts. The goal of these acquisitions seems to be simultaneously enhancing Alexa voice tech, while also providing advertisers with the ability to both continue and enhance their audience targeting efforts throughout the extinction of third-party cookies. As users begin to demand more privacy, companies like Google and the New York Times are already responding by phasing out third-party... continue reading

Building a Reliable Carrier Pickup Strategy

Tana Editorial Staff December 6, 2020

With increased traffic on Amazon during the pandemic, being in stock on the platform is more important than ever. During the past few months, we have had multiple concerns from our clients that Amazon has been late on PO carrier pickups. This has caused multiple issues related to dock congestion and out-of-stocks on the Amazon website. Getting inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers in a timely manner has been increasingly difficult during the pandemic, especially with Collect vendors who are bound to a model where Amazon controls freight. Here are a few tips and tricks to help get items picked up... continue reading

Amazon Looks to Save Abandoned Malls

Tana Editorial Staff December 3, 2020

COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on brick-and-mortar businesses and changed the landscape of commercial real estate. With anchor businesses such as Macy’s, Sears, and JCPenny closing stores, malls are becoming vacant. Simon Property Group is the nation’s largest mall owner and has made recent moves to change its business as retail businesses change. JCPenny filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which may allow the company a way out of their leases with Simon. Simon made a move to buy JCPenny, and after long and rocky negotiations, they reached an agreement where JCPenny signed a letter of intent to sell to Simon. The landlord has also recently closed... continue reading

Amazon Performance Evaluations

Tana Editorial Staff November 22, 2020

In early April, Amazon began pausing all account suspensions for performance issues relating to Late Shipment Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Order Defect Rate. The announcement was effective immediately and was initially slated to be lifted on May 15th, however due to continuing circumstances, Amazon has revised that deadline. Due to the myriad supply challenges that persist in all corners of the world, Amazon is extending their good grace by restricting suspensions until June 1st ; however, that may not be enough time for some sellers. While the response from sellers has been mostly positive, many have asked the company to... continue reading

What is Amazon DSP?

Tana Editorial Staff November 18, 2020

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a software which you can use to buy programmatic ad placements across the entire web, including Amazon owned & operated properties. DSP allows brands to efficiently reach customers on and off Amazon at scale. Utilizing exclusive 1st party customer data in conjunction with your own brand’s customer data, the DSP can select millions of optimal placements for you automatically. Perhaps the most efficient means to skyrocket sales for your products, the DSP allows serves display/video ads on dozens of websites where your target customers spend their time. For example, if a customer browses for a... continue reading

What is Amazon Attribution?

Tana Editorial Staff November 16, 2020

With over 60% of consumers beginning their shopping journey on Amazon, it’s no secret how powerful digital advertising is for driving traffic on-site. But how can companies reach and quantify sales that are coming to Amazon from off-site traffic? The answer is Amazon Attribution: a powerful tool that allows companies to measure, optimize, and plan their cross-channel media strategies with the use of generated source tags. Amazon Attribution gives companies deeper insights than typical campaign engagement and conversion metrics. This program provides shopping and sales impact analysis across off-site search, social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), display, video, and email marketing.... continue reading

Working Remote

Tana Editorial Staff November 13, 2020

Since its inception as a digital company, Tana has maintained a virtual office with remote workers all across the US. With everyone else working from home, often for the first extended period of time, we wanted to share some advice that has helped Tana be successful outside of the traditional office environment:  Invest in reliable technology. Shared documents are key to helping keep the virtual office organized. Over communicate. Make sure everyone has a conference call number, and if needed, start new traditions for gatherings or events which used to take place in the office. Give yourself boundaries, and know when... continue reading

The Definitive Amazon Brand Store Primer

Tana Editorial Staff October 25, 2020

Over the last few years, Amazon Brand Stores have become a more central feature of doing business on Amazon. The brand store essentially carves out a space within Amazon for us to present your brand in a more creative way, curate & organize your product selection for interested customers, and feature bestsellers, deals, accessories, product information, and so on. It’s like getting your own mini-website within Amazon where customers can not only shop, but learn more about your brand and product line. Brand stores are created in the Amazon Advertising portal, but customers will primarily find the finished store by... continue reading

3 Tips for Amazon Prime Day Success

Tana Editorial Staff October 16, 2020

2020 so far has become the year of COVID-19, and one of the biggest questions on Amazon sellers’ minds is: “How do I prepare for Prime Day?”. Speculation and questions stream through the media on when this annual sale will land, but as the Tana team prepares for this high stakes Amazon event, there are a few themes worth sharing to help everyone solidify and get ready. Amazon Advertising is the #1 investment you can make for Prime Day. With so many factors up in the air on when the event is scheduled to run, the advantage of managing the... continue reading

Brand Store Bylines

Tana Editorial Staff October 13, 2020

Historically, brand stores have never been integrated very well into Amazon’s site architecture. Stores are not automatically linked to via product detail pages, and even when that link does exist, it isn’t highlighted very clearly for the customer. That’s why the updated detail page byline announced at the end of May is such an exciting change to see happening. The old byline was a blue hyperlink on the detail page, directly above or below the product title, simply noting the brand name. In this customer experience, there was no callout as to what that link was for, and for many... continue reading

Prime Day Sneak Peak from India

Tana Editorial Staff October 2, 2020

Even while the world is gripped by a global pandemic, Amazon launched its Prime Day event in India — albeit with many changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global economy, and e-commerce is no exception. Amazon already had to postpone its Prime Day event in the US (which has taken a more severe blow from the pandemic than India) from July to an unknown date in October. As such, India was the testing ground for Amazon to see how robust e-commerce really stands currently. Like each year, the Prime Day event was full of discounts, exclusive launches, cashback, and... continue reading

Amazon Prime Day Updates 2020

Tana Editorial Staff September 2, 2020

A host of sources are insisting that Prime Day is still happening later this year, while others believe the event may be cancelled altogether. Since the resurgence of the Coronavirus, many vendors and sellers alike are facing drastic inventory supply issues that may not be resolved in time to support a Q4 that also includes Prime Day. Those who can maintain a healthy supply chain through Q4 will see enormous returns, as Amazon’s massive growth in 2020 may translate to the biggest Prime Day yet. Last year, CPG, Hardlines, and Softlines all saw a median 4× increase in sales compared... continue reading

Massive Changes in Advertising During Pandemic

Tana Editorial Staff July 30, 2020

Amidst a COVID-19 pandemic that has caused widespread layoffs and furloughs, inventory supply issues, and also surprising surges in sales, Amazon has been announcing robust plans on their Day One blog to help alleviate some of the pains caused by the virus. Among those plans are groundbreaking updates to Amazon Advertising that are completely changing the way that we sellers promote our products. Perhaps the most important update to Sponsored Brands came just recently in April when Amazon implemented the ability to edit creative on existing Sponsored Brands ads. The ability to edit the creative on live ads is entirely novel to... continue reading

Why You Need to Create A+ Detail Pages for Your Products

Tana Editorial Staff June 5, 2020

With so many vendors and third-party sellers on Amazon, it can be difficult to set your product pages apart from the competition. A+ detail pages help you do just that. Making the most of these powerful tools is simple if you follow a few guidelines. ... continue reading

How Online Sales Tax Changes Affect Your Amazon Business

Tana Editorial Staff February 19, 2020

What’s Changing? Sales tax on has always been a hot-button issue for Amazon Marketplace Sellers. While no decisions have yet been made, there may be upcoming changes that would affect how online businesses are required to collect sales tax. ... continue reading

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