Amazon Retail Agency Double Play

Amazon’s Latest Double Play: Local Sports and News Podcasting

As Amazon’s value continues its upward trajectory, the multi-faceted tech giant now looks to strengthen its advertising repertoire by acquiring niche sports and news podcasting networks like Blue Wire — home to the Laker Film Room, Bronx Pinstripes, and various other sports podcasts. The goal of these acquisitions seems to be simultaneously enhancing Alexa voice tech, while also providing advertisers with the ability to both continue and enhance their audience targeting efforts throughout the extinction of third-party cookies.

As users begin to demand more privacy, companies like Google and the New York Times are already responding by phasing out third-party cookies entirely by 2022. Third party cookies are those created by a website other than the one a user is on, and have become widely used on the modern web. A complete dismantling of these types of cookies will greatly hinder digital advertisers’ ability to target niche audiences, so having sport and news podcasts with specific themes creates a new way to identify potential customers.

How Will it Work? 

Amazon has already bought in to the sports and news world, playing host for major network telecasts on Prime Video with The Yankees YES Network and Thursday Night Football, among others. Along with these major telecasts, the newly acquired podcast networks will be integrated into Amazon’s Echo voice technology, and Alexa will recommend these podcasts when users ask for info on sports or news.

Keeping the pace for this project moving steadfast, Amazon is looking at companies like Blue Wire to produce robust sports podcasting content. In addition to its already extensive catalog of podcasts, Blue Wire is beginning to collaborate with local sportswriters like Sacramento Bee 49ers reporter Chris Biederman, Boston Globe’s Nicole Yang, and several other popular sports analyst personalities.

Is It Worth the Investment? 

Like most new advertising avenues within Amazon, it will be worth testing once inventory becomes available. Since other tech companies like Pandora, Spotify, and Apple are already cashing in on locally based podcast advertising, it is possible this new venue could prove to be very profitable for brands of all types who are seeking sports or news-oriented audiences. Amazon has not issued a formal announcement on when this opportunity will go live.