Amazon Performance Evaluations

In early April, Amazon began pausing all account suspensions for performance issues relating to Late Shipment Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Order Defect Rate. The announcement was effective immediately and was initially slated to be lifted on May 15th, however due to continuing circumstances, Amazon has revised that deadline. Due to the myriad supply challenges that persist in all corners of the world, Amazon is extending their good grace by restricting suspensions until June 1st ; however, that may not be enough time for some sellers.

While the response from sellers has been mostly positive, many have asked the company to extend these protections until all major carriers have resumed functioning normally. Amazon has remained firm on the June 1st deadline so far, at which point they will begin evaluating account health and reinforcing key inventory performance metrics.

Fortunately, we have also prepared some advice on how to avoid being affected by the changes come June 1st :

1. Closely monitor your inventory levels and make sure your listings accurately reflect available inventory.
2. Ensure your default ship settings match your current fulfillment capabilities.
3. Monitor customer inquiries received via Buyer-Seller Messaging and respond quickly — at most and within 48 hours.
4. For additional questions or concerns regarding your inventory performance, please contact your Tana account manager.