Get Your Products on Page 1 of Amazon

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Stop Overpaying

Our average AcoS% will completely amaze you. 6.94% in Q1 2020!

Stop the Guesswork

Our proven strategies attract the highest quality traffic at the lowest possible cost.

Stop Wasting Time

Get quick results with an expert solely dedicated to your success.

We’re Experts and Former Amazonians

And we are FANTASTIC at what we do.

It’s important to understand that we started our careers at Amazon. After decades of insider experience, we developed our proprietary strategies with inside knowledge that we’ve tested across dozens of Top 8 Figure vendors. This ensures that your brand benefits from the best advertising in the industry.

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The TANA Formula For Success

1st Part of the Equation: Our Bidding Strategy

Our proprietary bidding strategies fuel campaigns that result in the highest returns for our clients and dominate the flywheel of organic sales.

2nd Part of the Equation: The TANA Data Analysis

We layer in daily bid optimization and detailed data analysis to ensure your ad dollars are being used in the most efficient way possible, maximizing profits. 

Solution to the Equation: Sales and Growth

Boost visibility in the marketplace, grow retail sales, and maximize profit. TANA has helped countless clients in nearly every industry imaginable. Are you next?

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Now Introducing TANA Clicks

  • Campaign management for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display advertising across your entire product catalog for both Vendor Central and Seller Central
  • Proprietary Tanaclicks campaign strategies to enhance learning generation and surcharge SEO
  • Maximize visibility while increasing your Return on Ad Spend
  • Boost product rank while driving products to page 1 in “general” keyword spaces
  • Customized experimentation and testing to develop new strategies for brand growth
  • Unique Amazon Advertising reporting and trend analysis by product category
  • Amazon Posts developed framework, template management and content submissions
  • Amazon Attribution strategy guidance and cross channel execution assistance
  • Insider access to all beta programs and emerging tools
  • Off-Amazon targeting using programmatic advertising on the demand-side platform (DSP)

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