Set Your Business Up for Success

We give you the tools needed to set up a thriving business on Amazon. Once you're up and running, we provide monthly reports, business analytics and forecasts to give you a clear picture of where your business is at, and more importantly, where it's going. With our careful and ongoing oversight, we help get your sales on the right track

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Tana Team Effort

We set you up with a dedicated Tana team of former Amazonians and e-commerce experts who determine the best approach for your business. They'll assist you with everything from securing a vendor invitation to product selection, pricing, advertising, brand building and digital content.

Your team includes these key players:

  • Director of Sales: Guides your overall Amazon strategy and helps manage relationships
  • Account Manager: Manages your day-to-day operations
  • AMS Specialists: Drives your advertising strategy and campaign optimization
  • Content Specialist: Facilitates new item setup and optimizes your digital content

And they’ll give you expert guidance on:

  • Vendor on-boarding and item set-up
  • Determining a sales strategy specific to your business
  • Planning and executing your sales strategy
  • Navigating Amazon’s Seller Central, Vendor Central and Dropship tools
  • Positioning your brand for online success
  • Developing your SEO strategy
  • Creating A+ Detail Pages to help set your product pages apart from the competition

Your team will provide ongoing support, refining your product pages and auditing activity to help improve your customers’ shopping experience.

They’ll work with you to mitigate chargeback issues and teach you how to manage your business using Amazon’s platforms including Drop Ship Central, Seller Central and Vendor Central.

Great for Business

Tana has been great for our business. Tana has been able to manage a massive constantly changing assortment of styles in timely and effective manner. The Vendor Manager recently commented that after a catalog audit “the items set up by Tana were ranked first and over all best in class.

{Great for Business}
Mike N