3 Tips for Amazon Prime Day Success

2020 so far has become the year of COVID-19, and one of the biggest questions on Amazon sellers’ minds is: “How do I prepare for Prime Day?”. Speculation and questions stream through the media on when this annual sale will land, but as the Tana team prepares for this high stakes Amazon event, there are a few themes worth sharing to help everyone solidify and get ready.

  1. Amazon Advertising is the #1 investment you can make for Prime Day. With so many factors up in the air on when the event is scheduled to run, the advantage of managing the strategy in advertising is the ability to quickly pivot funds once the date is officially announced.
  2. Audit and Review A+ Content and Brand Stores on Top Selling Items. The delay of Prime Day in 2020 gives an advantage for the Tana team to work with our clients to ensure we have up-to-date lifestyle images on our detail pages and brand stores.  We recommend for all of our clients to reach out to your content specialist ASAP and validate creative is up-to-date to prepare for the seasonal event.
  3. Seasonal Businesses Need to Review Their Strategy. With Prime Day moving into Q3/Q4 2020, seasonal businesses that traditionally used Prime Day as a summer inventory sale need to rethink and review their strategies created at the beginning of 2020. Clients will need to review selection that calls to products towards giftable Q4 items with the event scheduled later in Q3/Q4.